Long Distance Driving or Driving Abroad

Here at Alfa Romeo Accessories, we have compiled our top tips for long distance driving and driving abroad.

Top Tips

One of the biggest mistakes you can make driving abroad is being unprepared. Those of you that like to 'wing it' may be in for a shock. Take our advice on board and plan ahead with breakdown cover, insurance, laws and make sure you know what side of the road you are supposed to be driving on.

We recommend you spend time planning your route and budget for any toll road charges you many incur. A great way to do this is again through the AA - http://www.theaa.com/allaboutcars/overseas/european_tolls_select.jsp

You should attempt to do some research before you set off on your travels. Take a look at local speed limits, you should notify your insurance company that you are planning to drive abroad, you MUST ensure that you are covered! You should ensure that you have European breakdown cover and also medical expenses should be covered as a result of an accident. It is also important to take a look at local fuel prices too, a great place to do this is through the AA's report - http://www.theaa.com/onlinenews/allaboutcars/fuel/2011/march2011.pdf

Essential Items

A good place to begin your checklist is to start with the essentials. In most countries, not only in Europe, you are required, by law to carry specific items in your car. These are;

- Headlight Beam Convertors & GB Stickers – Available Here

- Warning Triangle – Available in our safety packs Here and in our Travel Kits Here

- High Visibility Jackets - Available in our safety packs Here

- First Aid Kit - Available in our Travel Kits Here

- It is also compulsory to carry a spare bulb kit for your vehicle when driving in Spain - Available in our safety packs Here

These products are all available today from AlfaAccessories.com

You are required by law to have your original registration document in all countries across Europe. This means your vehicle log book (V5 document) - although it is not advised you carry this in the UK, you are required by law to do this across Europe.

Other items you may want to consider

- Roof Bars – If you are driving abroad or long distance this summer, chances are you’re not going alone. If you are travelling with family or friends, you are going to need all the space in the car you can get. You can get your genuine Alfa Romeo Roof Bars here today. Move that excess luggage from your passengers lap and the backseat to the roof.

- Roof Boxes – A top tip for people travelling abroad this summer would be not to over load your car. Try to conserve space in the vehicle if you have passengers, don't cram everything into the back seats with the kids. This can prove to be extremely dangerous and not to mention, rather uncomfortable for the passengers. So if your roof is already equipped with roof bars, make use of that extra storage space on the roof with a roof box. If you are making a long trip across the UK or overseas, a roof box is a great place to store your luggage. Storing your luggage on the roof frees up more room inside the vehicle and should stop the kids moaning. Take a look at our range of roof bars here.

- Sat Nav – A Great way to find your way around, why struggle with the language barrier asking for directions? Why try getting your head around road maps? Simply sit back and let a familiar voice guide you there. Take a look at our Blue and Me accessories section for our selection of Sat Navs and Ipod connection leads, why not set yourself a playlist up for the journey - http://www.alfaaccessories.com/Alfa-Romeo-Blue-And-Me-Accessories

- Fire Extinguisher - Just for peace of mind, but you are required by law to carry these in some countries across Europe.

- A Spare Fuel Can - Again just for peace of mind, but why risk running out of fuel in the wilderness?

- Planning ahead is vital when travelling abroad, so why not fill up a jerry can and carry spare fuel.

Did you know that when entering Bulgaria you are required to have your wheels disinfected to prevent the spread of livestock infections, weird?! It is also illegal to run out of petrol on the Autobahn in Germany... So keep an eye out for any strange laws.

All in all just enjoy the journey, we’ve covered all the serious stuff now, go out and have a great drive!

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